Ola in Colombia 2006

bogota 12-20 june >>
    - Ill in Bogota (in Swedish) >>

The Colombian flag...
The next stop was Cartagena, an old colonial town with South Americas biggest fort Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas.

- Cartagena

Taken back to the 1600's, Ola & Lena outside the fort Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas...
Swedish midsummer at Playa Blanca, a beach two hours with boat outside Cartagena.

Midsummer at Playa Blanca 24 - 25 June >>
The celebrations at Playa Blanca was tiring and sleeping felt like a good alternative on the boat back to Cartagena.
Ninja in Cartagena:

Travel itentiary

1. Bogotá, 12-20 June, 9-18 July
2. Cartagena, 20-22 June, 24-27 June
3. Playa Blanca, 22-24 June,
4. Santa Marta and Taganga, 27-29 June, 4-6 July
5. Ciudad Perdida (The Lost City), 29 June-4 July
6. Tayrona Park, 6-8 July
7. Rioacha, 8-9 July

More pictures to come...